Laser technology to target thread veins on the face & body.

Various forms of vascular lesions such as thread veins, are among the most common cosmetic concerns.


They are completely harmless, but can leave people feeling self-conscious. Studies show that broken veins can be more visibly aging than lines and wrinkles.

Thread veins are tiny, damaged veins in the skin itself. They appear as red, purple, or blue lines, often in the form of thin branches or spider cobwebs – hence their name. 

They are very common and appear on the face and body. 980nm Diode Laser treatment is a safe, precise, and effective way of treating them with minimal effect on the surrounding skin. The earlier you start treatment, the easier it is to remove them.

What are the benefits of 980nm Diode Laser thread vein removal?

  • Non-invasive treatment

  • Targeted handpiece to treat the vein and not effect the sounding tissue

  • Leaves your skin smooth

  • No Scars

  • Removes fine & large veins quickly

  • On average only two to three treatments needed for fantastic results

Skin Concerns Treated

The Body

Consultation & Patch Test £10.00

Redeemable with your first treatment taken within a month

Small Area (under 10mm)

£40.00 per area

Medium Area (under 20mm)

£60.00 per area

Large Area (over 20mm)

£80.00 per area

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