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Why didn't IPL work for Laura?

I want to share with you a conversation Laura and I had in February at a Beauty Exhibition we love going to every year. After 12 years of having Jemma provide IPL at Beauty Holistic Avenue, she is leaving us to a move to Derby, so we had the dilemma, do we continue with IPL?

Now I’m pale skinned, dark hair so I’m the ideal candidate for IPL and I've had amazing long lasting results from treatments, Laura is slightly darker skin with blonde hair so she had found after 6 session with IPL on her underarm she had seen little difference (the picture is not of either of us just in case you were wondering).

We were having this discussion about whether we take on IPL ourselves, when we came across SHR (Super Hair Removal). We have never heard of this and loving any new innovations we went to investigate. They did a treatment on Laura’s underarms which she said felt like a nice warming heat, it was done with quick sweeping movements and the therapist went over the area multiple times. We then went on the listen to the technical stuff and we were sold!

So, a month and half on and Laura and I kept forgetting to discuss her results from the treatment until last week. With one treatment, about 50% of the hairs have not grown back! She was so excited as this was only after 1 treatment.

Why has SHR worked so effectively when IPL didn’t?

IPL and Laser are solely reliant on the energy of the laser traveling down the pigmentation of the hair, therefore with someone like myself with more pigment in my hair than skin it meant maximum energy could travel to the base of the follicle to destroy it but with someone like Laura with less pigment in her hair not enough energy could be created to destroy the follicle. This also meant when my best friend was so excited 12 years ago that we were bring IPL in, I had to explain she couldn’t have it done as being black skinned the laser would not be able to identify where to travel and therefore would burn the skin. She is now more than excited that she can at last have it done with our new machine!

Micro Area £29.00 per session

Small Area £39.00 per session

Medium Area £69.00 per session

Large Area £99.00 per session

Book a course of 6 only pay for 5

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