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Why is Super Hair Removal so Effective?

Why are we so excited about SHR?

SHR uses a slower, gentler energy through not only the melanin (pigment) of the hair but generally through the skin as well, which research has shown is more effective for permanent hair removal. The heat can safely travel through the skin to generating the exact amount energy to cause irreversible damage to the hair root.

So what does this mean?

1) SHR is a far safer and more gentle system to the skin causing the less irritation but maximum damage to the hair root.

2) Lighter hairs can be treated as the energy is not solely using the hairs melanin to get to the root.

3) Black and dark Asian skins can safely and more effectively be treated unlike Laser and IPL where the laser would not be able to identify the difference between the melanin in the hair and skin and would be far too aggressive for the skin, resulting in a risk of burning.

4) SHR can treat tanned skin. With IPL and Laser you would have to wait for your tan to go before having the treatment, due to the same issue as above. With SHR as long as there is no active tanning, therefore you need to have no sunbeds or active sunbathing 5 days prior, you can safely have SHR.

5) With Laser and IPL the membrane area of the bikini line could not be treated due to the area being too sensitive. With SHR we can safely treat the area therefore allowing full Hollywood bikini to be treated.

6) It is completely pain free, I know you have heard this before with IPL but it’s true! It’s just a nice warm feeling, so in this case it’s no pain, amazing gain!

7) Due to the e-motion sweeping technique large areas can be treated in half the time, as let’s face it an hour for a full leg was pretty boring!

8) SHR has been proven to be more effective than IPL and Laser.

Micro Area £29.00 per session

Small Area £39.00 per session

Medium Area £69.00 per session

Large Area £99.00 per session

Book a course of 6 and only pay for 5

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