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Courses that will take you from the classroom, straight to being able to confidently provide the treatment. 

Now that sounds like what every course should be right?

After 30 years of doing courses, you will be surprised how many times I have left feeling not confident enough do start treating clients. I used to send staff on courses and then have to spend a day going through what they had learnt, create a way explain it to them and easy to follow in-depth protocols to help guide them when starting with the treatment.


So after years of doing this in clinic, I decided to do my Award in Education and develop courses with all the information I would want to know, protocols with everything you need to help you get started and jog your memory if you haven't done the treatment for a while, tips not given on most courses and continuing support.  I create this for all my own private courses and the ones I provide for Ivan Med. 

My courses are also focused on you as an individual, building the career you want, whether that is being employed, self-employed or having your own business.

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