Diode Laser Hair Removal

CE Medical 3 wavelength diode is the latest technology to safely treat all hair and skin types

We use ecodiode for our laser machine, a CE Medical Approved device which is not only effective but has a benefit to our planet.


The machines have been designed to be low wastage and sustainable without compromising on power and performance. On the contrary it is more powerful and effective than many on the market.

3 Wave Diode Laser Hair removal is the most up to date technology using 3 laser wavelengths to treat all hair types from blonde to dark, thick to fine and for all skin types from skin type I to VI, one of the few lasers to be able to safely treat skin type VI.

The mixed wavelengths diode laser combines the three most effective laser wavelengths  (755nm 808nm 1064nm) in a single machine, and 3 wavelengths works together and targeting different tissue depths and anatomical structures within the hair follicles. By combining absorption and penetration levels of different wavelengths, as well as extended treatment coverage, increase comfort and reduce maintenance requirements

Using 3 different size tips allows for hard to reach areas to be treated, it has a 360 degree cooling which doesnt allow the tip to go above -4 degrees centigrade, making it less hot and far more comfortable than most laser machines and due to the energy reaching the treatment area directly without energy loss making the treatment more focused and effective, giving quicker results.

Areas & Skin Conditions Treated

The Face.png
Unwanted Hair
The Body


Redeemable if you have your treatment within a month of your consultation


You must have a consultation and patch test before starting treatments.


All consultation forms will be sent to you via email (check your spam folder) and must be completed before coming in for your patch test.

All Prices are per Session:

Full Face £50.00 (upper lip, chin, & cheeks)

Neck £30.00

In-between or on top of Eyebrow £25.00

Upper Lip £20.00

Chin £20.00

Cheeks £20.00

Ears £20.00

Prices are Per Session:

Standard Bikini £20.00

Extended Bikini £30.00

G String Bikini £50.00

Hollywood £80.00

Buttocks £50.00

In-Between Buttocks £ 30.00

Stomach Line add on £15.00

Prices are per Session:


Full Legs £100.00


1/2 Legs £70.00


Knees £30.00


Feet and Toes £25.00

All Prices are per Session:

Full Arm £70.00


1/2 Arm Wax £40.00


Hands & Fingers £25.00


Underarm £20.00

Prices are per Session:


Full Back £80.00


1/2 Back £50.00


Shoulders £50.00


Full Chest £80.00


Upper Chest £50.00


Stomach £50.00


Nipples £20.00

All Prices are per Session:

Upper lip & Chin £30.00

(a saving of £10.00)

Chin & Neck £40.00

(a saving of £10.00)

Upper Lip, Chin & Neck £50.00

(a saving of 20.00)

Full Face & Neck £60.00

(a saving of £20.00)

Prices are per Session:

G-String Bikini & Underarms £60.00

(a saving of £10.00)

Buttocks & In-Between £70.00

(a saving of £10.00)

Half Legs with Knees £80.00

(a saving of £20.00)

Half Legs with Knees + G-String Bikini

& Underarms £110.00

(a saving of £40.00)

Back & Shoulders £110.00

(a saving of £20.00)

Chest, Stomach & Shoulders £110.00

(a saving of £20.00)

Upper Chest & Shoulders £80.00

(a saving of 20.00)

Prices are Per Session:


Upper Body Combination £210.00

(a saving of £50.00)

Chest, stomach, back, shoulders

& full arms


Full Body Combination 1 £135.00

(a saving of £35.00)

Full Legs, G- string, Underarms

Full Body Combination 2 £190.00

(a saving of £50.00)

Full Legs, G- string, underarms

& full arms

Full Body Combo 3 £230.00

(a saving of £70.00)

Full Legs, G- string, underarms,

full arms & full face with neck