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Eco-Conscious Clinic


Sustainability isn’t the first thing that comes to mind when looking at Laser & Aesthetic clinics, but why compromise on where you get your Laser, Aesthetic & Beauty treatments?


The most powerful thing you have as consumers is choice, and each decision is an opportunity to make a difference. Here’s a bit about the decisions we have made and are going to keep on making over the next year to be more eco-conscious.

Creating an eco-friendly environment is of great importance to us. Green, clean, cruelty free and ethical choices are at the core of our ethos. Beside it being a huge passion of ours, we know many of our clients feel the same way and want to support a clinic that really cares not only about them but of our Mother Earth, that is the one thing we all share and can all take steps to protect it, however big or small.

There are some aesthetic treatments where disposable items have to clinically disposed of. Hygiene and safety are of our utmost importance, so if the disposable items can be biodegradable we will always choose them, but they will have to be disposed of in a clinical manner.

Please note: some items it will not be possible to have a biodegradable option.  

We are doing everything we can to create an ethical salon with sustainable choices and continually looking at way’s in which we can expand our current practices, that include:


Firstly, we try and find alternatives to disposable products to reduce our waste. Secondly, we look for products made from recycled materials, and lastly, we recycle them after use.

We recycle as much as we can, and have a commercial recycling collection.

Over the last few years, we have reduced our waste and we currently recycle at least 50% of it.

Clean, Vegan, Ethical & Eco Products

Our aim with all our products that we use in treatments and retail, is to be clean, vegan, ethical and have an eco-conscious ethos.

Throughout the website we show you all the eco attributes of all our treatments and products and highlight if any fall out of any category.

Eco Towels

Our energy efficient towels are made with a unique fabric blend that gives them exceptional energy saving properties. The entire collection is 100% Guaranteed for the claims of sustainability and energy savings which can be verified by the independent reports provided by the Laundry and Technology Centre (LTC).

Reduce Paper Usage

No paper price lists

We have all our prices on our website

No loyalty cards

All our loyalty schemes are digital

No appointment cards

All our appointments are emailed to you on the day of booking and an email and text is sent the day before.

No gift cards

We have gone completely digital with our gift cards, so you can purchase one online and have it sent on your chosen day to the recipient.

Energy Efficient

We are electric only, we use electric efficient heaters/air con in every room giving the perfect temperature for our clients to have their treatment but we do not waste heat or cooling on areas that do not need it, so you may find the corridor a bit cooler/warmer than your treatments room.

We use LED energy efficient light blubs and mag lamps. 

Eco Gloves

Regular nitrile gloves takes decades, if not hundreds of years to biodegrade and break down in landfill. Whereas the biodegradation rate of gloves featuring EBT (Eco Best Technology) is far more rapid – typically within 24 months (depending on landfill conditions).

We all use Eco gloves for this reason.

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All our equipment and furniture we only replace when needed, if we can upcycle them, we will. When replacing anything in the clinic we try to choose sustainable furniture. Our reception desk and side table are made from reclaimed wood, some of our couches are second hand refurbished equipment. Nothing is ever thrown away unless that is the only option.

Being more mindful

As a clinic we are all more mindful of our waste, what we are using and the impact on the environment and our clients.

All practitioners that join our team have the same views and ethos, working together to create a more environmentally friendly clinic.

Recycled bleach free toilet paper

Any paper products in the clinic we aim to be made of recycled materials. We use recycled toilet paper, hand towels, writing paper and pens.

Eco friendly Cleaning Products

All our laundry detergent, washing up liquid, hand soap and cleaning products are non-toxic eco cleaning products.

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Our uniforms are also making waves with their eco-friendly fabrics which incorporate 7 recycled plastic bottles in to every garment, that's 14 in each scrub set.

Reusable Cotton Pads

Where we can, we will be swapping cotton wool pads for sustainable cotton pad or flannels which can be washed and reused, to reduce our cotton wool usage.

Treatments that require clinical waste will not be able to be recycled


Powerful Non-Invasive Treatments but Holistically Minded

Using state-of-the-art technology and finding out your personal goals, our therapists create a treatment plan that looks at you as a whole (whole-isically). Our treatments are low risk, non-invasive and involve minimal recovery time but give you the results you are aiming for. The outcome is still you – but a happier, more confident version.


What does Holistically Minded Treatments Mean?


Holistically minded treatments mean the treatment of the whole person, rather than just the symptoms. We also look at the impact that treatment has on the environment finding ways to reduce it.

Eco Skin Clinic might surprise you; we are taking beauty beyond the normal. We embrace modern techniques that provide results, whether it is microneedling or laser therapy, but we use a holistic approach in supporting the body and skin, to minimize any side effects and provide longer lasting results. We offer a complete overview of the skin’s condition, highlighting reasons for any issues and provides clear guidelines on how to maintain a youthful and more natural look.

Holistic Aesthetics is not a trend and is unlike any beauty protocol you have ever come across. It is based on the combination of highly effective modern procedures, that have been chosen for their science but with the mindfulness of the person getting results, without sacrificing the body in any other way. We will never recommend treatments and products that are not supportive of what you need, always being honest in our approach.

How are our treatments eco conscious?

We have looked at every treatment and its impact on the environment, whether the products we are using are ethical and the company we are buying them from have eco-sustainability ideals.

Small changes like recycling as much as we can, using biodegradable products and having no microplastics all makes a difference.

We always balance our eco ethos with the safety of our clients and there will be some treatments where waste is unavoidable due to the nature of clinical waste needing to be disposed of separately and not being recycled. We do not compromise on hygiene or the safety of our clients

Facial Treatment

Ethical Products


All the products we use follow an ethical ethos of being 100% eco-friendly, clean and cruelty-free. We are also aiming to be 100% vegan in the near future, already using majority vegan products. Our few treatments that use non vegan products can be altered to best suit you. To find out more about the products and treatments that aren't 100% vegan please see the table down below. 

Eco Friendly: This means that the products ingredients have been sourced sustainably, and products packaging is recyclable and in majority of cases is made from recycled materials.

Animal Testing Free: The products and its ingredients used within the treatment weren't tested on animals.

Clean: Free from artificial colours, fragrances, mineral oil, lanolin, S.D. alcohol, parabens and microplastics. 

Vegan: Majority of the products we use are vegan and we aim to be 100% vegan in the near future. However as a clinic we do not want to compromise the results and quality of our products and there are a couple of products that contain products from animals like honey and beeswax but we have alternatives for our vegan clients.


Supporting Women in Business


One of the most important parts to Eco Skin Clinic is not only our environmental impact, but our social impact too. The beauty industry is not an easy industry to work in, the pay is minimal, the hours are long, and you don't always get the freedom to only provide the treatments you feel passionately about.

All the therapist working within Eco Skin Clinic are self-employed. When saying self-employed we do not mean just a percentage split like some companies do, as this does not benefit the therapist, we mean they have their own businesses operating within the protection of ours.

Our mission is focused on effecting social change for women and promoting women's empowerment. Each therapist has control over their hours and the type of work they do, with the guidance and support from our team, which has years of experience in the industry. We provide the opportunity to use advanced technologies without the risk of having to invest in them, guidance on how to achieve their goals, support with marketing, training, and a monthly account report.

This has all resulted in a group of likeminded businesswomen who work in their own business but also have the advantage of a community that supports each other. Everyone is happier, more motivated and have achieved great things over the years working together.

This does not mean we do not have or want men within the business - we are not anti-men! - we have a male doctor that works within the clinic, my two sons also work within the business. We just want to create an environment for women to achieve their full potential in a supportive environment not always found in the industry.

For you as the clients, this means you are paying the person who is doing your treatment and not some faceless corporation, you are directly supporting women in business and making a big difference to that woman life.

We all need to be inspiring women to think about business and celebrating positive female role models within the industry.


The Journey So Far.....


I’m Vicki Hexter, the owner of Eco Skin Clinic formally Beauty Holistic Avenue, renting out rooms to independent therapists like myself, providing a variety of laser, aesthetic and beauty treatments.


In 1995 I open Beauty Avenue on The Avenue in Highams Park, East London. A one room salon with myself as the only therapist and my sister helping on reception. After 3 years I was too busy to meet the demand and with parking getting more of a challenge, I move to Walthamstow right opposite Homebase, so the parking issue was solved and I had more rooms, so I could take on like minded therapists to help meet the demand.

In 2003 I started to rent out rooms to holistic therapists and other aesthetic therapists providing other treatments. In 2018 I decided to offer this to the therapists that had been working with me over the years. This has started a new and exciting phase to the business which has been very well received by therapists and clients alike.

The next step in my journey is to bring a more eco friendly side to the clinic. We started a few years ago making a move toward more eco conscious decisions and 2022 is the start of making this a bigger focus with the launch of Eco Skin Clinic.

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