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Beauty Avenue 21 years ago!

Updated: Jun 6, 2020

I thought for my first post on my new website I would start from the beginning. A little bit about where Beauty Avenue started and how it got to where it is now.

September 1995 was when I open Beauty Avenue in The Avenue (hence the name), Highams Park, London, E4.

I can remember it clearly, my husband (then boyfriend), family and myself decorating, the man next door to where the salon is now made all my reception furniture, my sister (who was my receptionist) and I doing leaflet drops all round Higham Park (that was the social media of its time!) and me telling my family I would be happy if I could just get a few people in the first week. In my first week I was fully booked! I couldn't believe it and that's how it continued. Then the combination of not being able to fit clients in (even though I was working a 60 hour week!) and the parking becoming a nightmare I decided to move, well my dad suggested it, I said there was no way I could do it and then 6 months later I was moving to Walthamstow. (Thank you dad for the push I needed)

So in 1999 I moved to an old gym in Forest Road Walthamstow. Large enough to have more treatment rooms so I could have more therapists working with me and homebase car park for parking, which I pray doesn't get sold to build even more flats in the area! As you can see from the pictures below there was a lot of work needed and the thought of being able to fill all the treatments rooms, hire staff etc was scary but 18 years on, its a way of life, there has been lots of changes over the years from the aesthetics, to therapist to treatments. We have had good and bad times, there has been times where I thought the business wouldn't make it but we are still going strong and that is partly due to a great clientele who have supported me and been so loyal over the years and a great team who love what they do.

We are always evolving, I love finding out about new treatments and it has come to that time again that the salon needs updating, so myself and the team are busy working out a new look. As you can see we have our new website and I will be trying to blog regularly about things I hope people find of some interest. We have some new treatments which will be introducing in the new year and some new holistic therapist joining the team. So watch this space!

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