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Why Dermalogica?

Updated: Jun 6, 2020

I have been ask many times over the years, 'Why did you choose dermalogica?' My simple answer is they are the best in the industry. Over the years I have been to countless professional exhibitions and companies have visited the salon and I still feel the same way, I prefer dermalogica for my skin and my clients agree they prefer it for their skin too! But why?

I first trained with Dermalogica in 1994 and instantly I could see there was something different with this range. I had worked with many other professional skincare products, I had acne, so I had tried many professional and department store products but nothing had helped my skin. Many products were oil based even for oily skins which I hated the feel of and they made my skin worse, they were full of artificial fragrance and colours which irritated my skin, they would have astringent toners which would just make my skin flaky! Then I trained with dermalogica and this was the first time a range made sense to me and my skin.

Dermalogica doesn't overload its products with unnecessary ingredients like oil and water to bulk it out, it's concentrated so a small amount goes a long way. They don't contain artificial colours and fragrances so are less irritating to sensitive skins. They don't contain ingredients that clog the skin (I know its seems ridiculous that some product companies would use ingredients that would congested the skin but these ingredients are cheap therefore being more cost effective, so they do!). When they say they have an active ingredient in their product, like a peptide they go above the percentage needed for that ingredient to have an effect on the skin, unlike some products which will use a small percentage so they can say they have that ingredient in it but it has no really benefit to the skin. All their packaging is designed so there is no cross contamination, so no dipping your fingers into a pot transferring bacteria from your skin to your cream to multiply for the next time you use it, each bottle you squeeze or pump what you need, keeping you product in the best condition from when you opened it. I could go on but this list is too long!

Over the years Dermalogica has changed, they have developed new active products (which they test on human volunteers NOT animals) and have increased all there post graduate training to keep up with this.

My therapist and I keep up to date by going to the Dermal Institute updating our knowledge and skills in skin conditions, dermalogica products and new developments. A few years ago Dermalogica increased there training to three tiers, starting as a certified therapists after the basic dermalogica training, graduating to specialist learning about the specific segmented ranges and more knowledge about those skin types and finally getting to expert status, taking your skin care knowledge to the next level, three of us at the salon where proud to achieve Expert Status in 2014.

Beauty Holistic Avenue also has achieved awards as a whole in 2000 receiving its first Platinum award (as seen in the photo above) and going on to achieve platinum status until it changed to dermcircle. Showing our knowledge and commitment to skin care and dermalogica.

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