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3 Steps to Glowing Skin this Winter

Updated: Jun 6, 2020

Why is it at this time of year my skin suddenly starts to look dull?

Its this time of year that I get clients coming into the salon complaining there skin has suddenly turned dry, flaky and dull (even my clients with oily skin).

As the temperature drops and the heating goes on indoors our skin moisture levels decline and without moisture our skin cannot function to its optimum. Water is required for cell regeneration, skin smoothness and luminosity. So what can we do to make sure our skin is glowing for the winter season.


Double Cleanse

This is a vital step in achieving glowing skin. Effective cleansing removes debris such as make-up and pollution which can dull the skin by reducing the light reflectiveness. The first cleanse removes make-up, pollution, residue of skin care products and the second truly cleans your skin and deals with any skin concerns, while brightening your complexion.


Think of a highly polished piece of furniture and see how it shines. It shines because the surface is so smooth that it reflects the light. This is what we want to achieve through exfoliation. With regular exfoliation, we peel and smooth the skin surface which will provide a silky even texture.

At home you may choose a daily exfoliant to use in the shower or in the salon a no down time skin peel gives amazingly smooth and clear skin.


Now we have that smooth skin surface we need to boost the moisture level and really boost that skin glow. Hydrate with a cooling spritz which provides critical water to the skin and then provide a boost of nourishment to strengthen your skin in the form of a daily moisturiser. You may need to switch to a richer texture during the winter months, to protect against water loss. Finish with your favorite prier and hey presto, clear glowing skin.

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