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Dark circles under your eyes, crow’s feet, under-eye bags?

Do you have any of these common under eye conditions?

Most of us have these one all all of these under-eye conditions to some degree. But the good news is; all three of these conditions can be improved, without pain or surgery. With treatments plus a little care and attention from you, their impact can be reduced.


There are 3 Types of Dark Circles: Blue, Red and Brown

The Cause: The skin under our eyes is very thin. This means blood and fluids underneath your skin can easily show through. As we age, skin under our eyes becomes even thinner (almost transparent). Skin under our eyes can also become darker as we age.

The Best Solution: The best way to treat this depends on what shade of discolouration you have under your eyes.

How do I determine this: Looking into a mirror in natural light, point your chin slightly downward to making the shadows under your eyes; this will enable you to clearly see whether your dark circles are more ‘blue or purple-red’ in colour, or more ‘brown’ in colour?

Blue or Reddish/Purple Circles Under the Eyes: This means your dark circles are caused by the dark, oxygenated blood and fluids that has pooled underneath your skin. This is usually more noticeable in the morning after we have woken up from sleeping because fluids have pooled during the night. Blue circles can worsen with age, as skin gets thinner, so it’s a good idea to start treatment early.

Solutions for Blue or Reddish/Purple Circles: An effective and natural treatment is the use of cold, green tea bags to help reduce the volume of fluids and reduce swelling. The caffeine in green tea also helps constrict blood vessels further, fading the appearance of darkness.

In addition, a natural hydrators such as hyaluronic acid can plump the area, pushing the skin up and away from the pooled blood. To promote new skin growth, providing the skin with peptides can help. When collagen in your skin breaks down, it forms specific peptides that signal to your skin that it was damaged (and needs to make new collagen). Peptides are the building-blocks of proteins; active molecules that send signals to your cells. There are some advanced treatments and products that use advanced peptides to aid rapidly in this new growth but be careful cheaper products will state they contain collagen inducing peptides but they will be using such a small percentage not able to achieve results.

Brown Circles Under the Eyes: If you see a more ‘brown’ colour on and in skin under your eyes, then your issue likely results from hyper-pigmentation. This can be triggered by sun exposure, rubbing your eyes or genetics. This is a far more complex issue to treat and the results can vary with product and treatments.

Solution for Brown Circles: The best solution for this is using a retinol based eye cream to help stimulate cell renew and therefore reduce pigmentation. Gentle eye skin peels can also be effective.


The Cause: Crow’s feet are caused by reduced elasticity in our skin with loss of collagen, the muscles tighten and droop, as well as general skin thinning as we age.

Solutions for Crow’s Feet:

1) Increase moisture levels will help plump out fine lines and give a smoother appearance around, ingredients like hyaluronic acid is great at plumping out the area with no irritation to this sensitive area.

2) Promote skin regeneration: By promoting new skin growth by the use of advanced peptides and retinol, the appearance of crow’s feet and fine wrinkles can be reduced regaining a more youthful appearance around your eyes.

3) Improve muscle strength around the eye area or reduce over use of the muscles: As we age the muscles around the eyes get tighter and drop from age, expression and squinting causing crow feet. There are two things that can help reduce or stop this. The first is - Botox - relaxing the overused muscles so the skin can heal itself reducing or eliminating crows feet completely. For clients who are not keen on Botox - the CACI non-surgical face lift - provide a eye treatment helping stretch tight muscles and lift drooping muscles to their original position. The advantage of this treatment is the addition of a treatment masque to pump moisture into the skin and provide collagen producing peptides the whole eye area.


The Cause: Puffiness is caused by fluids accumulating under the eye, for example due to lack of sleep. In addition, with ageing, tissues around your eyes (including some of the muscles supporting your eyelids) weaken. ‘Healthy’ fat that normally helps support the eyes and eyelids can then move downward into the lower eyelids, causing them to appear puffy; increasing the size of under-eye bags.

Solution for Puffiness: a temporary treatment to reduce puffiness is the use of cold, green or black tea bags to help reduce the volume of fluids. Although temporary, the reduction in puffiness can be rapid and quite surprising. Soak the tea bags in hot water for 3-5 minutes, then place in fridge or freezer till cold, then place on top of your eyes for 5-10 minutes. Be sure to moisturise after. For longer-lasting relief for under-eye puffiness, the use of a ultra sonic device to help reduce under-eye puffiness can help, through gentle, ultrasonic vibration.


Try the targeted treatments and solutions mentioned above. You’ll likely discover you don’t have to resort to surgery to enhance your under-eye appearance.

These self care actions can help too: sleep on your back; exercise; eat well (careful how much sugar is in your diet); don’t smoke; and finally; take steps to reduce stress in your life (essential oil aromatherapy with Vetiver and Lavender oils can help relax you, toward better sleep).

If you would like to find out more about the treatments or products we provide for these under eye issues contact by email: or Call us on 02085279595.

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