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Lines & Wrinkles around the Mouth

Lines & Wrinkles around the Mouth

Nasolabial (laugh) Lines: These run from the bottom of the nose to the corners of the mouth and become more pronounced with laughing.

Marionette Lines: Found at the corners of the mouth, these lines give the face a downturned appearance, which can look serious, sad or angry.

Feather Lines: Theses are fine, vertical wrinkles on and around the lip lines. Frequently puckering lips, drinking from straws and chewing on the inside of the lips can also contribute to feather lines.

Factors that Contribute to Lip Ageing​


  • Lacks the same protective outer layer found in other areas of the skin

  • Lips lack oil and sweat glands along with melanin, our natural sun protectant.

  • Saliva is the only source of moisture, which also dries out natural oils from the skin around the lips

  • Over time the lips can lose volume and their natural "redness


  • Repetitive movements such as smoking and constantly drinking through a straw

  • Facial expressions like smiling, pursing, frowning, etc.

  • Excessive dryness/constant dehydration as moisture evaporates from the lips much faster than facial skin

  • inadequate sun protection, damaging UV rays can increase collagen breakdown.

Nightly Lip Treatment

What it is:

An anti-ageing lip and perioral treatment that smooths the appearance of laugh and feather lines while you sleep

How it Works:

This rich overnight formula works with the skins natural circadian rhythm (biological clock) to reduce the appearance of lip ageing

Key Benefits:

  • Controls ageing before it starts

  • Improves elasticity and hydration

  • firms and smooths away signs of ageing

  • reduces the appearance of fine feather lines and wrinkles

  • Restores volume and barrier function

Lip Smoothing Service Add-On

This targeted service add-on puts the focus on the lip area by hydrating, nourishing and targeting the effects of perioral ageing and lip lines.

The treatment includes a professional dermalogica exfoliation with the use of the ultrasonic blade, a lift and smooth AGE reversal massage is preformed and then the Nightly Lip Treatment is applied and using iontophoresis the active ingredients are pushed deeper into the skin. Then finished with a spritz of the antioxidant hydramist and moisturiser. All this is added into your dermalogica facial.

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